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Hi, my name is Joshua Maddox, and I'm the founder of JM Branding and Marketing. For years, I've been helping clients create strong and impactful brands that leave a lasting impression. It's my passion to provide businesses with the necessary marketing and branding expertise needed to scale to new heights.

Our Mission

At JM Branding and Marketing (JMBM), our mission is to empower businesses to thrive through the art of storytelling and the creation of authentic, impactful brands. We believe that a strong brand is not just a logo; it's a narrative that resonates with both the business and its community. Our commitment is to assist businesses, irrespective of their size or industry, in cultivating a brand identity that not only mirrors their values and vision but also celebrates diversity and inclusivity. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive branding and social media marketing solutions that transcend conventional boundaries, fostering connections and leaving a positive impact on both businesses and the communities they serve.

Our History

Established in 2019, JM Branding and Marketing (JMBM) was born out of a passion for creating meaningful connections between businesses and their audiences. In an era where a unique and memorable brand is fundamental to success, our founder recognized the need for businesses to not only stand out in a competitive market but also reflect the rich tapestry of diversity within our communities.

Since our inception, we have been unwavering in our commitment to delivering innovative branding and social media marketing solutions. Our journey has been marked by a dedication to helping businesses articulate their stories, values, and visions through compelling brand strategies. Moreover, we have consistently championed diversity and inclusion, viewing them as integral components of a vibrant and thriving business community.

JMBM firmly believes in making a positive change in the community. As part of our commitment, we host an annual "Black Excellence Gala" that not only celebrates diversity but also recognizes individuals in the community who serve as positive influences. This gala is a testament to our belief that acknowledging and uplifting those who contribute positively to the community is essential for fostering a spirit of unity and empowerment.

Our history is a testament to our belief that a successful brand goes beyond aesthetics; it's about creating an emotional connection that resonates with the community. As we continue to evolve, JM Branding and Marketing remains steadfast in our mission to be a catalyst for positive change, helping businesses tell their stories, celebrate diversity, and leave lasting impressions that extend far beyond the business realm.

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